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If you’re having SEO work carried out, then does it really matter where you chosen provider is located?

Given that we market our services for local businesses on many occasions, it’s safe to assume that we think that local knowledge really matters, but we would say that, wouldn’t we?!

The question is: why does it matter? Why is it more useful for a small business in Hampshire to use an SEO consultant in Winchester or Southampton, rather than looking for a suitable provider in Glasgow, or New Delhi?

This may even be a question that you’ve been asking, when you’ve been considering outsourcing such work. One of the first points that we would make is that there are often clear advantages associated with working with an SEO company who are based in the same country.

Primarily, this is likely to be about having a shared language and shared working hours. Communication is likely to be essential to the success of your project, so it makes sense to choose to work with a company that will be available to you.

It can also be seen that opting for a provider based within a few miles of your own office has similar advantages. If you need to meet, then the logistics are a lot easier.

These practicalities may catch the eye, but there are elements of the SEO process that mean that there are advantages to choosing a company based in Hampshire. In our case, we have built strong links with other local companies, suppliers and organisations.

If you wish to issue a Press Release (to take one example), then we’re well positioned to ensure that you’ll get plenty of local coverage. That means local people talking about you online too, which all helps to assist your Internet Marketing efforts.

So we believe that it’s best to choose a local SEO provider because that’s the best way to ensure that you get a great service and excellent results. If you want to risk outsourcing elsewhere, then it’s clear that there are risks attached to that decision.

What does become clear is that providing a good standard of online marketing is all about the quality of service – in some senses, price can prove to be something of a distraction. The focus should be on the results that will be produced as a result of your investment.

by Keith Barrett

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