SEO round-up: 28 January 2014

What’s been happening recently in the world of SEO? Our round-up of recent news is intended to provide you with a great shortcut to all of the best information relating to search engine optimisation and internet marketing.

We’ve put in the leg-work to find the very best info, so that you can sit back and relax. What we’re presenting below is your essential reading list:

Why old sites might lose positioning

We start with the latest video presented by Matt Cutts of Google. It can sometimes seem like older, established sites have a real advantage within the search engine rankings. Indeed, if you’re competing against an old rival, then you may well wonder whether it will ever be possible to overtake them.

This insight from Matt suggests that old sites won’t always retain positioning. In essence, he notes that the stable nature of such sites shouldn’t always be seen as offering an advantage.

Google warns about thin content

It can sometimes seem like Google is issuing warnings on an almost daily basis. This latest segment considers those sites that make use of thin content.

I think it’s interesting for a number of reasons. Firstly, we may well appreciate the fact that such warnings are often followed by significant algorithm updates. For affiliate sites, where thin content is in place, that might be a cause for concern.

It’s also useful, in terms of reinforcing a message: great content will take your site a long way. It’s absolutely critical, however, that such content should be interesting, meaningful and exclusive to you. If you’re simply copying content from elsewhere, without really adding to it, then you should probably be prepared for a fall.

Moz industry survey results

Necessary reading for those of us within the industry. As we might expect, the importance of content marketing takes centre-stage.

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