Internet Business Marketing

How should your internet business marketing efforts differ from your offline strategies? It’s clear that the online world offers a considerable amount of opportunities – in many instances, for instance, you’ll have the chance to reach out to an extremely wide audience.

But it’s also true that you need to be able to reach out to them in the right way. It’s not enough to simply have a Twitter or Facebook account. A blog will also do you very little good unless it’s used properly.

In some senses, there are plenty of similarities with traditional marketing. One of the key factors is to remember that you need to know your audience and potential customers. You’ll be constantly searching for messages that are right for them. You’ll want to get them engaged and keep in touch regularly. But how regularly? That’s another issue that needs to be considered!

Search engine visibility is also vital, given that more than 90% of Internet users will make use of a search engine when looking for a product or service. If it’s not easy to find your website from Google, then you’re really up against it.

When thinking about traditional marketing, we might consider your website as being a shop. Your search engine positioning could be compared to the location of a physical store. Do you go for a more expensive city centre (page one) location, or look to sit on the edge of town? The choice is yours – the possibilities here are endless.

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